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"Hey..." she started and then looked again. There was a picture that looked like...it was... "This is me," she said incredulously, holding up a picture frame that contained a picture of her when she was a little girl and another more recent mom xvideos photo. She looked at Christian. His fair skin was red. He met her eyes squarely. Sinclair's heart beat frantically. "You love me, don't you?" she asked accusingly. Christian nodded his head. "Yeah, Sinclair, I do." She looked at him and said, "I keep waiting for you to change and you don't. You're www.xvideos.com always there, strong, steadfast, caring. I can't help but love you," xvideos japan she said, wiping angrily at the tears on her face. Christian x videos.com held his breath, realizing that he would xvidos.com be thanking God for this every day for the rest of his life because he hadn't xvideos indian a hope in hell that Sinclair would ever lower her guard enough to let him in. "You love me and I'm such a bitch. You never let me get away with that though," she said with a tearful laugh. He walked xvideoscom over to her and pulled her into his arms. The difference xvideos brasil in their heights became nonexistent; she never would have guessed, but in his arms she felt protected and sheltered. And so loved. "Wait a xvide minute," Sinclair said with xvidio one of her mercurial shifts in mood, "I said I was a bitch and you actually nodded your head at me, what's up with that?" "What's up with that? I love you just the way you are," Christian said simply. "And if nothing else, tonight showed the truth of that thing Brodie's mother is always saying, 'tomorrow isn't promised to anyone'. That could be you or me in that hospital bed." "Christian, let's just stay here for awhile. xvideos teen Let's just stay here and be quiet." ************************************* Over the next few wwwxvideos weeks, Brodie recovered rapidly. Other than going to school, Jax never left his side. Brodie's family took turns videos x staying with him during the day. Cutter, Sinclair and Christian came over every day in the evening. As Brodie grew xvideos. com stronger and no longer required as much pain medication, he began to realize indian xvideos that things were not right between Jax and him. He wasn't sure how to bridge the distance between them. Jax helped him back and forth to the bathroom, helped him to bathe and get dressed. Still, beneath all of the intimacy was a distance that had never existed before. One evening, after everyone else xvideos com had left, as Jax was kneeling in front of him, helping him to remove his shoes, Brodie ventured, in a still slightly hoarse voice, "Jax, are you ever going to talk to me?" Jax had looked at him and said curtly, "We talk." "Not like we used to," Brodie said while reaching over to gently xvideos.com push a silky lock of coal black hair back from Jax's forehead. Brodie's eyes were intent and www.xvideos com serious. "I know you're mad at me," he said. "No, I'm not," Jax protested. "Yes, you are," Brodie insisted. "Jax," he said, "I know it was stupid and maybe I should have handled it differently." Jax gave Brodie "the look", blue eyes blazing with a video x rage he would not admit to. "Ok, maybe I shouldn't xvideo have gone charging in like xxx videos that." "You left xvideos 2 me, Brodie," Jax said flatly. "Not by my xvideos.com choice," Brodie said quickly. "Jax, I can't stand by and watch someone get hurt like that. I promise, from now on I'll try not to go in guns blazing but I will always have to do SOMETHING. He took a deep breath. "Jax, don't you know I will NEVER leave you?" Jax's heart www xvideos.com turned over in his chest. "Don't make wwwxvideos.com promises like that," he said shakily. "Why not?" Brodie asked simply. "You don't think I'll keep my word?" Jax looked at him. I believe you, he said to himself silently and that's the problem. It was almost ironic. Anyone listening to their conversation would probably assume that the two of them were lovers. Brodie didn't xvideo gay seem to think that there was anything strange about the vow xvideos xvideos of xvidios loyalty and devotion he had just made to his closest friend as though it were the most natural thing in the world. "I believe you," Jax said. He was still kneeling between Brodie's legs. As usual, he was having a difficult time hiding his response to Brodie's proximity. The past couple of weeks had been both heaven hd xvideos and hell. "Good," Brodie said as if xvideos gays that settled things between them and Jax guessed that it did. Ever since he had known Brodie, Brodie was always looking out for someone else. It scared him but he xvids didn't think that Brodie would ever change. His kindness towards others was one of the things that he loved about Brodie. "Jax, would you sleep with me?" Brodie asked hesitantly. "I sleep better x videos.com whenever you're here. Sometimes I can't get that night out of my hd xvideos head." Jax groaned xxx videos inwardly. "Sure," he said. After all, he was the one who had started it. When Brodie had first gotten home from the hospital, Jax had been afraid to leave his side. He had insisted on xvideos. com staying with him. During the night, he'd put his hand on Brodie's xvedios chest to make sure that he was xvideos hd breathing. xvideos free As Brodie recovered, he said that Jax was his sleeping pill. For Jax, it was one thing to sleep with a Brodie who was weak, hd xvideos recuperating and in need of his care. Now, although Brodie's recovery was not complete, sleeping with him was totally different. And Brodie liked to cuddle. And he liked to touch Jax and play with his hair. It was sweet torture for Jax because for Brodie it was so obviously not sexual but for him, as hard as he tried for it not to be, it was very sexual. The more he was around all porno xvideos of www.xvideo the O'Brien's the better he was able desi xvideos www.xvideos com to understand Brodie. They were always hugging, kissing, touching and grooming one another. xvideos in Brodie was the sole reason Jax had become accustomed to being touched after the death of his grandmother. Jax thought that Brodie touching him was what had brought his starved soul back to life. But sleeping with xvideos .com a living, breathing Brodie who wanted to cuddle was sweet hell. He sighed. Brodie was still such a combination of tough guy and little boy. ********************************** Brodie had insisted gay xvideos on keeping as many of their club dates as they could. So far, they had missed only xvideos in one. He told them all that if it meant he would have to xvids play seated then he was more than willing to do so. Tonight, they were doing a run through at Ed's. Cutter and x video Christian were bringing in the last of the equipment and Sinclair was already seated and playing the congas. She was playing a torrid, intricate rhythm that evoked images of hot, sweaty bodies entwined together. Brodie was seated xvideos anal and fingering the keys on his sax but wasn't planning on actually playing until practice officially started. He used his abdominal muscles when he played and it hurt like a bitch. As Jax came out of the bathroom a voice called out to him. "Hey." Jax turned and looked at the guy who had spoken. He was tall, well built, with green xvideos red eyes and short brown hair. Jax stared at him blankly, obviously trying to figure out who the guy was. "You don't remember xx videos me?" the guy asked, disappointment evident. "I remember you," he continued. "I haven't been able to get you out of my head." Jax looked at him then glanced quickly over www xvideos com www.xvideo at Brodie to see if he was watching. He studied the guy closely. "Oh yeah," Jax said slowly. A couple of months ago, lonely and feeling sorry for himself, he had hooked up with this guy x.videos at a bar downtown. What the hell was he doing here? "Name's xvideos porn Gary. I work here," he said, answering Jax's unspoken question. Jax's eyes darted over to Brodie again. "That your boyfriend?" Gary asked, reaching out to porno xvideos brush back the hair that had fallen over Jax's left eye. Jax grabbed Gary's wrist in a surprisingly strong grip. "Don't." Brodie had noticed Jax xvideos hd leave the room and he had noticed when Jax returned. He was always aware of xxvideos Jax. When he saw xxxvideos Jax stop to talk with that guy, his protective instincts had been aroused. Then he saw the guy reach out to Jax. Brodie stood up suddenly, overtaken with rage, ignoring the sharp, agonizing pain in his abdomen from the abrupt, rapid movement. No one touched Jax like xxxvideos that but him. Jax snuck another quick glance at Brodie. His stomach lurched in fear at the look in Brodie's eyes. If Brodie thought Jax xvideos indian were in telugu xvideos trouble he'd be over in seconds. xvideos.con "Look," Jax whispered porno xvideos tensely. "We had a good time and now mom xvideos it's over." "I don't want it to be over," Gary said bluntly. Jax looked at him helplessly, heart pounding furiously as he tried to keep his expression x videos neutral. He didn't dare look at Brodie again. "Looks like your boyfriend is getting pissed off." japanese xvideos Gary held up his hands and backed away. Jax looked back at Brodie once more. As much as Brodie and he teased and xxvideos joked about Brodie's thick headedness and denseness, Brodie was by no means stupid. They exchanged a long, unsmiling, mutually appraising glance that xvideos mom made Jax's mouth go dry. As the youngest in the O'Brien family, there were a lot x videos of things everyone thought Brodie was too young to see or hear. He had made a point of hearing and seeing them xvidos even if he had to eavesdrop and sneak indian xvideos around to do so. Once, when he was around thirteen or fourteen, he had overheard Cullen say to his mother, xvideos 2 "Brodie's not like us." Before Brodie had time to get upset by Cullen's comment, his mother had said darkly, "Don't worry. He's just a xvideos download late bloomer. The O'Brien blood always xvideoscom runs true. Anyway," she added, "I'm glad it's www.xvideos.com xvideos indonesia taking a little longer. Hopefully he'll xvideos porn have a little bit of sense before the hormones take over." Cullen had xvideos indo laughed. "I think Niamh and me www.xvideo.com got it the worse." Peggy xvideos free had said, "I think you're right." Brodie had pondered that conversation many times, not quite sure what they meant. Now he knew. He looked at Jax and like a mummy rousing from x-videos centuries of dark, ancient slumber, the wrappings fell away slowly. With new eyes, he saw xvideos hd the sensual, feline grace. Now he could see the extraordinary beauty of Jax's vivid, sky blue xvideos brasil eyes, silky, coal black hair, creamy, ivory skin, and small, slender, lithe video x body. He was assaulted by memories of the past weeks. Jax's warm, sleek body, in his bed, spooned against him. Touching Jax freely as though he had every right do so. Combing his fingers through Jax's hair, Jax arching against him in pleasurable response. Rubbing his face against the back of Jax's neck, brushing his lips there and feeling xvideo gay fine tremors flow through Jax as he reacted to the gentle touch. Heat, desire and need whirled through Brodie with the force of a tornado. If he hadn't been seated, it would have brought him to his knees. Every cell in his body quaked beneath the weight of the white-hot fire exploding through him. Now he understood his need to have Jax's physical presence at his side. Now he understood why he had reacted to that guy's attempt to lay hands on Jax as though Jax was his personal property. There was a primitive, feral part of him that believed x video it to be true. Now he remembered and understood the way Jax would disappear sometimes. The xvideos. com way some guys would look at Jax and the way Jax would look back. A million x vedios signs xvideo.com and he had noticed none of them. Jax moved towards Brodie in a daze, drowning in his sea green eyes. The beat Sinclair was xvideos hentai pounding videos x out hummed in his blood, matching the frantic tattoo of his heart. Frightened by the power of the feelings propelling him towards Brodie, Jax tore his gaze xvido away from him and lowered his head, xvideos indian hiding behind the curtain of hair that cascaded across his face. He lifted his head, almost shyly, and returned his eyes to Brodie's, trying to decipher what he was seeing. He had thought he was over this wishing and hoping bullshit long ago. Every xvedio now and then, it seemed to surface, frustrating and irrepressible. He was fucking tired of it. He would see what he wanted to see in a look or a touch. After everything that had happened, he just couldn't deal with having to fight these feelings again. Maybe he should have encouraged Gary instead of letting xvideos hentai him get away. Despairingly, without looking at Brodie again, Jax walked up to the stage and the rehearsal began. Afterwards, Jax drove Brodie home. There was an awkward, uncomfortable silence for the tamil xvideos first couple of miles of the drive even with the music playing. By the time they arrived at Brodie's house, they were both full of nervous energy. When they reached Brodie's apartment, Jax said hesitantly, free xvideos "That guy..." "Was he bothering you?" Brodie interrupted, walking up to Jax and pushing the ever-present lock of hair away from his face. He slid his fingers through Jax's glossy, lustrous hair, reveling in the silken texture against his hands. "No," Jax said, trying not to moan as Brodie's hands xvido massaged his scalp and brushed the xvideos tamil sensitive skin on the back of his neck. His cock hardened in a brutal rush. God, Brodie was killing him. "Was that your boyfriend?" Brodie asked. "No," Jax said again. Brodie walked over to his bed and sat down, knees weak with relief. Jax sat down next to him. Brodie grabbed Jax's hand and began to idly play with his fingers. Jax shivered, sharp, heated tingles radiated from his hand to his wwwxvideos.com nipples, down his torso to his pulsing, aching penis. He watched Brodie's fingers on his, enthralled by the slow, hypnotic caress. "Jax," Brodie said quietly. Jax raised heavy lidded eyes to x videos meet Brodie's. "Do you have a boyfriend?" "No," Jax replied, just as softly. Brodie sighed and shifted so that his head was in Jax's lap. Within xvideos.com minutes he was asleep. xvideos jp Jax wasn't sure if he was relieved or dismayed. He settled in next to Brodie and within minutes he was telugu xvideos asleep too. ********************************* 8 Practice the next day went much better. The mom xvideos day before, Brodie had tired easily and needed xxx videos to take a pain pill after the first hour. Jax had been distracted by his xvideos com encounter with Gary and his apprehension xvedios over Brodie's reaction. The rest of xvideoscom them were still worried about Brodie. Brodie's physical discomfort was subsiding xx videos and he had taken a pain pill before they started practicing to take the edge off. When they were finished practice, Jax took Brodie home and stayed over the next couple of xvideos hours to xvideos free talk about their plans and to play a song that he had been working on so that Brodie could critique it. After he noticed Brodie yawning a couple of times, he decided to leave. Brodie stood up with him, so close that they were standing almost toe-to-toe. He looked down at Jax and asked, "Are you sure xvideoss xvideos download you can't stay?" It was difficult to resist but he knew he xvideos anal would not be able to withstand another night in bed with Brodie. Captivated by the heat in Brodie's sapphire gaze, Jax replied breathlessly, "I need to get home." Brodie's face revealed his disappointment www xvideos so clearly that Jax was tempted to change his mind and stay. Brodie put both hands on the side of Jax's face and lovingly threaded his fingers through Jax's hair. He moved www.xvideo.com a little closer. Jax swallowed. "I, I need to take care of things at home," he said haltingly, unsure if wishful thinking was making him think the unthinkable. If xvido it had been anyone else but Brodie...he pushed the thought away. "Are you going to be able to pick me www xvideos.com up in the morning?" telugu xvideos Brodie asked. Jax delayed answering, caught up in the feel of Brodie's hands moving in his hair and brushing across his sensitive ears. He mentally shook himself. "Ummm, yeah, I'll see you in the morning." Reluctantly, he backed away from Brodie's caressing hands. Brodie walked Jax to xvideos xvideos the door, hating to see him go. He had become japanese xvideos so accustomed to Jax's presence over the past couple of weeks that he started missing him within moments of his departure. x video.com An hour later, when xvideos indo Niall peeked his head into the room, xvideos indonesia Brodie was staring dejectedly into space. "Damn, Baby, whatever it is, it can't be xvideos.con THAT bad." Brodie gave Niall a half wwwxvideos smile, not even attempting to pretend that everything was ok like he would have in the past. He had always felt like his brothers and sisters worried about him enough. "Niall..." Niall remained xvide silent, allowing Brodie to gather his thoughts. "How do you let someone knew you like them, that you want them?" Niall looked at Brodie, completely taken desi xvideos by surprise. That was the last thing he was xvieos expecting to hear. "Well..." Niall started. He stopped, tilted his head and said. "You know what? If we are going to have that kind of convo, then we need to take this to an expert." He grabbed Brodie by the hand and led his unresisting younger brother next door to their x vedios eldest brother's house. Cullen answered the door and smiled widely at them. "What's up?" "It's time for 'The Talk.' Where's Shannon?" Niall asked, looking around for his best xvideos japanese friend. "Shannon's gone to chill with his parents and what "Talk?" xx videos "The Talk," Niall said meaningfully. He put his hands on Brodie's shoulders, "The xvideos com Baby has some xvids questions so I'm bringing him to you." xvidio "Oh. THAT "talk." Cool," Cullen said. "Go in there and sit down. I'll be right back." Cullen returned to the living room with a cup of black coffee for Niall and hot cocoa for Brodie. "You know xvedio that I'm old enough for coffee now, right Cullen?" Brodie teased. "You know you like that cocoa," Cullen said, "and I put xvideo.com marshmallows in it just the way you like it. Be right back." He returned with a shopping bag and a cup of coffee for himself. He settled on the sofa with Brodie and Niall. "I've been waiting for xvideos japanese this moment," he said. "I worried www.xvideos.com about you for a minute, but Ma kept telling me that you're a..." "Late bloomer," Brodie said finishing Cullen's sentence. "Yeah, I know. x videos.com To be honest with you, my music had me caught up, xvideos gay you know? I've never really thought about anything else." Cullen pulled a couple of books out of the bag, The Joy of Sex and The Joy of Gay Sex. "I wasn't sure which one you would need so I got both. There was a very slight chance xvideos download you wouldn't need either one, but since you're an O'Brien, xvideos.con I kinda figured that you wouldn't end up being a priest." Cullen and Niall laughed when Brodie grimaced and said, "Hell nah." Nervously, Brodie selected the book he wanted and opened The Joy of Gay Sex. As the three brothers poured over the pages, Brodie asked questions. "Hold up for a sec," Cullen said, going back to a previous page. "Mmmmm, looks xvidio like Shannon and I missed THIS page. I may need to borrow this," he joked. The brothers desi xvideos started laughing. xvidoes When they reached the end of the book and Cullen xvideo gay reached into the bag again, www xvideos com Brodie said, "Cullen." Cullen turned towards him with an inquiring glance. www.xvideo "I have never, not once, ever felt like I didn't have www.xvideos a father." Cullen's cheeks filled with color and his heart melted in his chest. When Niall said, "Me either," Cullen blinked rapidly to hide his tears. He put his arm across his brothers' shoulders and hugged them. "Shut up," he xvideos .com said gruffly. ********************************* Brodie's feelings for Jax accelerated at a pace that he found a japanese xvideos little scary yet bittersweet. He xvieos was coming slowly, painfully to life. xvideos tamil He xvideos video felt like he had been living life in a vacuum, consumed by his music. Being so close to death had changed him in ways he couldn't clearly define. gay xvideos He felt in many ways that he was just starting to live his life. Just beginning to step into it. As though before, he had been xvideo com half alive. He xvideos jp wanted Jax with an intensity that was vivid and painful. He saw Jax with fresh, xvideos red admiring eyes. And not just because of his new consciousness of Jax's physical beauty. In spite of their different backgrounds, xvideos porno he had always felt that by some lucky xvideos .com miracle, he and Jax were on www.xvideos the same vibe. He still didn't know how to fully express what he was feeling xvideos 2 to Jax. After asking Niall and Cullen for suggestions, he had taken Jax out to dinner and to the movies. When Jax had asked him what for, Brodie had told him it was to show Jax www xvideos com how much he cared for him and to thank him for always being there. Jax had blushed but not said anything else. They had an enjoyable evening and that had been the end of it. He had brought xvidos.com Jax flowers and before he could say anything, Jax had said with exasperation, "Brodie, you don't have to do anything else to thank me." Brodie had decided to leave it at that. It was becoming pretty clear to him xvideos in that Jax most likely didn't xxvideo want him. He knew he would get over it but right now, the realization was unbearably hurtful. Even though this was the first time he had experienced these feelings, this was no first crush. Maybe these feelings had been xvideos there all along, simmering beneath the surface, the feelings of love xvideos porno and friendship transforming into something more. He started to withdraw from Jax, not because he loved him any less, but just to www.xvideos com regroup and to let scabs grow over wounds he xvideos japanese didn't think would ever heal. He may have been an O'Brien and a late bloomer to what his mother called the O'Brien 'hot blood' but he knew that tamil xvideos he was not going to love or desire anyone else xxvideo in this lifetime other than Jax. Everyone except Jax attributed xvidios Brodie's change in temperament to his close brush with death. Jax was afraid to believe what xxxvideo his every instinct was telling him. xvideos tamil There was no way that Brodie wanted him. No way at all. ******************************** Over the next few weeks, Brodie couldn't eat, couldn't sleep. He tried to put up xxxvideo a front but such unhappiness in someone who xvidos.com was videos x usually smiling and happy was very evident. After an interminable practice where xxvideos he had to interact with Jax and the others and pretend that everything was fine, finally, he was xxvideo alone in his bedroom and he could relax his guard a little. He sat on the edge of x.videos his bed, grappling wwwxvideos.com with his physical and emotional discomfort. He wiped at his face furiously, angry with himself. He had everything really, yet here he was, feeling sorry for himself and whining because Jax xvidoes didn't want xvidoes him. He thought about his brothers and sisters and how xvideo com they had grown up, all of the sacrifices they had made so that he wouldn't have it as rough as they had. And he here was, crying like a little bitch because things weren't going his way. Anything he tamil xvideos wanted, he got, x video and he didn't even have to ask for anything because, shit, to them he was still... His inner dialogue was interrupted by Niall's voice asking his mother, "What's up, xvideoss Ma? Where's the Baby?" Niall's words coincided with Brodie's continued thought... The Baby. He hurriedly wiped his xvideo.com eyes and xvideos japan rehearsed a fake smile to try out on Niall. Niall entered Brodie's room and turned the light on. "How come you're sitting xvideos brasil here in the dark?" xvideos teen He walked over to the bed, sat down next to Brodie and put his arm across his shoulders. "What's wrong?" Brodie studied the carpeted floor as though there xvideos japan were something interesting there. "He doesn't want me, Niall." No need to ask who 'he' was. Niall had seen this coming for the longest while. "How do you know?" "I can just tell," Brodie replied. "Why would he want me, anyway?" Brodie burst out. "I'm just perpetratin." Niall leaned back and looked at Brodie, dark blue xvieos eyes wide and stunned. Where was this indian xvideos coming xvedios from? THIS, he hadn't seen coming. "What porn xvideos the hell are you talking about, baby?" Niall asked. "I'm not who y'all think I am, Niall. I'm not this perfect little brother that you all see. The 'smart' one. The 'nice' one. I know what you all think about me. xvideos gays None of it is true. All of the things that y'all do for me. I don't deserve it. None of it." Niall grabbed xvideos porno Brodie's chin and turned his little brother's head towards his own so that they were facing one xvideos mom another. "Brodie....where is all www xvideos this coming from?" Niall asked helplessly, caught off guard. "No one thinks that you are perfect. Trust me when I tell you," he added dryly. Brodie smiled faintly when Niall smirked mischievously. "I don't know, Niall. I've just got all of this...stuff...this crazy stuff in my head. I am not smart xvideos jp like xvideos indonesia everybody thinks. I study," Brodie confessed. "It xvideos hentai doesn't come naturally." "You know what, Brodie?" said Niall. "I want to welcome you to the x.videos real world. EVERYBODY xvideos porn has doubts and fears and thoughts that they aren't worthy www.xvideo.com or whatever." He paused and said, "And none of us has ever done anything for you that xvideos gay we didn't want to do. We love you. Love isn't about deserving something." xvideos gay He reached over and lifted his baby brother, who xvideos was slightly taller and heavier, onto his lap. "First of all, I think we xvidios left your little ass in that Catholic school by yourself xxxvideo for waaaay too long." After Brodie chuckled, Niall continued, "Seriously, Baby, you've been through an experience that would change ANYBODY and also change the way they see themselves and their world. Give yourself a break, ok?" Niall asked Feeling a little silly, Brodie nodded. "And give it time," Niall said. "Even if 'he' doesn't want you, there is someone out there for you." Brodie didn't tell Niall that he knew that x video.com there was x-videos no one else. xvidos porn xvideos No one xvideos xvideos else for him but Jax. He relaxed in the comfort of his brother's arms. He jumped, startled xxxvideos when he heard a familiar husky free xvideos voice say, "Hey, no f